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Two Fairfield residents arrested on marijuana charges after raid

 Posted on February 15,2013 in Drug Crimes

Law enforcement arrived at the residence after police suspected a Fairfield couple of marijuana crimes. Police in Vacaville, California claim that law enforcement saw activity that officers believe may have been some kind of marijuana transaction. The married couple drove away after the alleged pot deal. However, authorities say that they obtained a search warrant. Officers apparently found the married couple in Modesto January 31 and searched their car.

Authorities say that 50 pounds of processed marijuana was discovered, along with a handgun. After the car search, officials went to Fairfield to raid the couple's home. Officers say that they found more pot at the residence, along with other items that were seized.

Following the raid in Fairfield, Vacaville police expanded their probe and obtained warrants to search two more homes in Vallejo. It is not clear from the media what led authorities to suspect contraband may have been present in the Vallejo homes. Law enforcement says indoor marijuana grows were discovered at the Vallejo locations. No arrests were made at those homes.

However, the married couple that had originally been under investigation faces weapons and marijuana charges, including transportation of pot, and possession of marijuana for sale.

Generally, it is not unheard of for law enforcement to seek to expand a drug crime investigation from one location to others. Charges may, at times, be brought against multiple people as law enforcement expands their suspicions. A person who believes that he or she is under suspicion of an offense does not need to wait until charges are filed to seek representation of a criminal defense lawyer during a police probe.






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