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Two UFC contenders face separate California criminal cases

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Two mixed martial arts competitors associated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship are facing California criminal charges. Officials have charged Jason "Mayhem" Miller with misdemeanor vandalism upon allegations that he caused damage to a Mission Viejo, California church during an incident last month. Meanwhile UFC featherweight contender Chad Mendes is accused of battery after an alleged incident at a bar in Hanford, California in late July.

Miller was originally arrested August 13, after police claim the MMA fighter was found naked in a Mission Viejo church. Police claim that the UFC competitor had damaged at least $400 worth of property inside the church, including a picture frame and a propane tank.

Authorities say that the MMA fighter had been spray painting inside the church. Orange County prosecutors announced that Miller was officially charged Wednesday with vandalism. He is scheduled to appear in court in Newport Beach, California November 21 on the misdemeanor charge.

Meanwhile, Kings County authorities announced in late August that they will seek a battery charge against Mendes after he allegedly hit a man in the face July 29 at a bar in the fighter's hometown of Hanford. Deputies say that a man was struck in the face, leaving a contusion.

However, authorities claim that the MMA fighter left through a back door of the bar after the alleged battery. Law enforcement says witnesses at the bar claim that the assailant who allegedly sucker punched the bar patron is the UFC fighter.

Representatives for the UFC competitor say that the "majority of the facts" that are alleged about Mendes "are absolutely false," according to the Hanford Sentinel. Mendes is reportedly scheduled for arraignment September 19.




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