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Union City man accused of stealing packages, mail in Palo Alto

 Posted on January 07,2013 in Criminal Defense

Police are looking to bring more charges against a Union City, California man after his arrest on New Year's Day. Authorities claim the 25-year-old had stolen two packages from in front of a house in Palo Alto January 1. Palo Alto Police received a call from a resident who claims to have seen someone take packages from a neighbor's doorstep. Law enforcement responded to the area and arrested a Union City man who was in the area.

Police claim that they found two packages in the Union City man's truck. Authorities also seized a baton, a fake gun and drugs after a search of the man's truck. Law enforcement says that a personal check was in the man's Chevrolet pickup truck that authorities believe was stolen from a mailbox in late December. Authorities apparently also suspect the man of drug crimes, after seizing bags and a scale from the truck during the search.

Law enforcement apparently raided a storage unit in Campbell, California as a part of the investigation. Police assert that the Union City man rented the storage unit, where officers reportedly found two more packages that law enforcement believes may have been taken from homes in Palo Alto. Police continue to look for evidence to tie the man to other thefts in Palo Alto. He was booked into jail on several theft-related charges, including possession of stolen property.

Generally, law enforcement may often seek to up the ante after making an arrest. People suspected of a crime have the right to have an attorney present when answering questions of law enforcement. It is important for anyone suspected of an offense to seek the assistance of legal counsel during a criminal investigation.


Source: San Jose Mercury News, "Union City man stole packages from San Jose, Palo Alto homes, police say," Joshua Melvin, Jan. 7, 2012

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