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Weekend New Year's Holiday Increases Risks On California Roads

Posted on in Criminal Defense

California DUI attorneys are aware that the highway patrol and local law enforcement agencies will be out in full force over the New Year's holiday, strictly enforcing California DUI laws. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently urged states to employ a "No Refusal" policy, even in states that have enhanced implied consent test refusal laws.

Earlier this month, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood urged states to have on-call judges available to issue a warrant in test refusal cases. Nine states, not including California, already participate in the "No Refusal" program in some form. The purpose of the push to issue warrants is to create scientific evidence to increase convictions under the individual states' DUI laws and deter further driving under the influence.

Here are some tips to keep in mind over the holiday weekend may help you to avoid being pulled over for suspicion of violating California's tough DUI laws.

Have a designated driver. It is a simple solution, provided the driver actually stays sober during the holiday festivities.

Hand off your keys at the beginning of the night and plan to stay overnight at the location of the party if the host will allow it. Remember to arrange the stay in advance with permission and pack a bag.

Coffee will not sober you up.

Pre-program the phone number for a cab company into your cell phone.

Have a safe and happy New Year.

Source: Consumer Reports, "Beware of heightened drunk driving dangers this New Year's Eve," Liza Barth 30 Dec 2010

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