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What started as speeding allegation ends with DUI and drug charges

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What began as a traffic stop for an alleged speeding violation turned much more serious recently for a Garberville man. The California Highway Patrol claims the 41-year-old Garberville man was speeding on U.S. Highway 101 near Miranda last week. During the traffic stop, the man apparently was arrested on suspicion of DUI. A news report on the incident in The Times-Standard does not address the alleged evidence that the CHP is relying upon to support their suspicion that the driver was under the influence.

CHP officers say they conducted an inventory search of the 2007 Dodge Ram that they say the Garberville man was driving last Tuesday. The officers apparently decided to have the vehicle towed after the DUI arrest. CHP officers say they conducted an inventory search of the Dodge prior to towing. That search reportedly has led to serious California drug charges against the driver of the vehicle. The CHP says that a 23-year-old passenger in the Dodge was released at the scene of the original traffic stop.

The CHP claims they found roughly 30 pounds of processed marijuana hidden from view somewhere in the vehicle during the inventory search. The CHP estimates the street value of the pot to be more than $90,000.

The 41-year-old man accused of DUI was taken to the Humboldt County Jail and booked on a string of serious California drug charges. The man is accused of felony possession of marijuana, possession with intent to sell and transportation of marijuana for sale, in addition to the misdemeanor DUI charges after the traffic stop for an alleged speeding offense.

Source: The Times-Standard, "DUI arrest results in pot seizure, more charges," Oct. 27, 2011

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