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Who is Going to Find Out About My DUI Arrest?

 Posted on March 19,2016 in DUI

By John W. Thornton

mug shot, santa cruz dui lawyerThe fact that you were arrested, unless you are under 18, is a public record. Websites such as post booking photos, and over the past few years many clients have reported hearing from friends, relatives, and co-workers that their booking photo was online.

Secondly, many attorneys pay services to obtain booking information so that they can direct mail you solicitations (I don't do this). Clients have reported receiving 8-10 letters in the mail from attorneys and insurance companies offering various services. If you don’t personally pick up your mail, whoever does will not need to be terribly intelligent to figure out that you have been in legal trouble. While this practice has been controversial, it happens.

If you drive for employment, your employer might be automatically notified of a DUI arrest through what is known as a "pull notice." A check with DMV, or your employment handbook, could reveal whether you are subject to a pull notice.

If you are licensed – an attorney, doctor, insurance agent, real estate agent, nurse, etc., the fact that you have been booked into jail and charged with a crime will be sent to the board that governs disciplinary procedures for your profession.

How about the press? News articles? As of this writing, DUI arrests and arrests for other misdemeanor cases are generally not reported by the Santa Cruz press. I say "generally" because the arresting agency can choose to send notice of your arrest to the press just because they want to (read: you angered them, or they think you have the type of job where you should be publicly "outed"). Sometimes these type cases are reported. As the cases become more serious (DUI accident with injury, spousal abuse with great bodily injury) the chance that you are the subject of a news article increases.    

If you need assistance with a DUI charge, contact an experience Santa Cruz DUI attorney. Attorney John W. Thornton has nearly 30 years of experience as a criminal lawyer. Call 831-426-5800 for a free consultation.

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