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Will new allegations upset Chris Brown's domestic assault probation?

 Posted on February 27,2012 in Domestic Violence

Earlier this month Chris Brown asked a California judge to release him early from probation. The R and B singer was given five years of supervised probation after allegations arose in 2009 that Brown assaulted Rihanna at a party held the evening before the 2009 Grammy awards.

Brown pled guilty to charges in the California domestic violence case and, since he was placed on probation in 2009, the singer has reportedly completed a year-long domestic violence program, taken part in court ordered anger-management classes and performed community service. However, he reportedly has not completed all of the hours of service under the sentencing order. At a review hearing, held just before this year's Grammy awards, the singer asked to be released from supervised probation early due to his good behavior.

A Los Angeles County judge denied the request and ordered that the singer continue to report to a probation officer in his home state of Virginia. Now, an alleged incident in Florida may cause the singer legal difficulties in California.

Sources say that a woman recently tried to take a picture of Brown on her cellphone outside a South Beach club. The woman reportedly called police and claimed that Brown took her cellphone so that she could not post any photos of the singer on the Internet. Police are reportedly characterizing the incident as a "robbery by sudden snatching."

Brown remains on probation on California for the allegations that he assaulted Rihanna in 2009. The conditions of probation include a provision that essentially requires the singer to remain obey all laws. The strict restrictions of the terms of probation reportedly prohibit the singer from being arrested and charged with a crime. Some commentators have suggested that the strict conditions of probation could result in a probation revocation hearing in California, even if Brown is not convicted of any new crime.

The media recently lit up when Brown performed at this year's Grammy Awards and again more recently when two singles. Rihanna's song "Birthday Cake" and Brown's song "Turn Up the Music," featured remixes that reunite Rihanna and Brown in music.

Now, it appears that allegations outside a nightclub may make news for Brown in his California case, although the nightclub was across the country.

Santa Cruz criminal defense lawyers know that probationary sentences can, in many cases, help a person who is charged with a serious crime to avoid jail or prison time. However, allegations of a potential probation violation can result in a potential execution of a prison sentence that is left hanging over a probationer's head. Terms of probation can vary widely in an individual case.

It is important for anyone who has been arrested in California to consider speaking with experienced criminal defense counsel. It is also equally important for an unrepresented probationer to seek counsel after a new arrest as any new charge can become even more complex due to the terms of probation.




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