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Woman accused of drunk driving in death of 'Bad News Bears' actress

Posted on in Criminal Defense

The California Highway Patrol says that the former actress was riding as a passenger in an Audi that ran into the rear-end of a tractor trailer on the freeway around 1:30 Tuesday morning. The passenger, Sammi Kane Kraft, was pronounced dead at the hospital after the wreck.

The California Highway Patrol believes that the woman driving the Audi was speeding when her Audi crashed into the big rig. Authorities believe that the truck driver, who sustained minor injuries, was traveling at the posted speed limit when the accident occurred.

The young woman accused of being behind the wheel of the Audi was taken to California Hospital Medical Center with moderate injuries. After receiving treatment, law enforcement began the booking process-authorities accuse the woman of felony drunk driving for her alleged role in the car accident.

A third vehicle was also involved in the crash. A Scion struck the Audi after the initial impact, but the driver of that vehicle reportedly was not injured.

Authorities accuse the 21-year-old woman of felony DUI charges, however the investigation continues and police say that additional charges may be tacked on in the case. It is not clear from the media whether or not any of the drivers involved made any statements to law enforcement. It is also not clear what evidence has led authorities to believe the young woman may have been under the influence.

Generally, alleged drunk driving car accident cases involve difficult issues. While most people expect the presence of law enforcement, it is generally important for drivers to remember that they have the right to remain silent when suspected of a crime. Anyone who is suspected of a crime can consult with legal counsel and have a criminal defense lawyer present when dealing with the police.

Source: Los Angeles Daily News, "Actress in 2005 remake of 'Bad News Bears' killed in apparent alcohol-related crash on 10 freeway," Oct. 10, 2012

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