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Woman arrested three times in a week in Santa Cruz, charged with drug crime

Posted on in Drug Crimes

Often in cases where a person is accused of a crime, new stories are written with one side. A police report is often the only public information available to a reporter, so they publish stories that rely heavily on a police report and have little or no commentary from the person accused.

When a woman was arrested three times in five days last week in Santa Cruz, she wasn't afforded to ability to tell her side of the story about drug charges she is facing or respond to allegations by police. According to one news article, the woman was arrested for intent to commit illegal drug activity early in the week. She was later released. It isn't clear what kind of activity the police say the woman may have committed, and the story did not include her response to the allegations.

The woman was later arrested for trespassing before being released again. The she was arrested for allegedly resisting arrest or obstructing an officer. The police were at the residence where she was arrested to execute a probation search. They said they didn't find the person they were looking for and arrested the woman for refusing to exit the house or apartment.

Many people who get into legal trouble don't always understand their rights. It is important to remember that the police are trying to secure a conviction with investigators. Seeking the advice of an experienced Santa Cruz criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision if you are facing a drug charge. An attorney can help make sure your rights are preserved throughout the legal process.

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Santa Cruz Police: Woman arrested three times in five days," Jessica Pasko, Jan. 31, 2012

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