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The California Highway Patrol announced Wednesday that an 18-year-old was arrested on suspicion of felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter stemming from allegations surrounding a Saturday evening car accident. Law enforcement says they believe the 18-year-old lost control of a Jeep while traveling on Tassajara Road just after 8:30 p.m. Saturday. The Jeep reportedly rolled several times after leaving the pavement.

The California Highway Patrol says they are requesting felony DUI charges to be filed in relation to the accident. Authorities say a 19-year-old Carmel Valley resident was killed in the roll-over accident and a second passenger was severely injured. Neither passenger was wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash, according to the CHP. A third passenger, who was wearing a seat belt reportedly, suffered minor injuries in the incident, according to the CHP.

Law enforcement says the man accused of driving at the time of the accident crawled up the embankment after the crash to get a signal on his cellphone. The accused man reportedly called in a report of the accident after the crash.


The California Highway Patrol says a 28-year-old woman was speeding on Interstate 5 near Disneyland around 12:45 a.m. Sunday. Law enforcement claims the woman was involved in a fatal accident and has taken the woman into custody on suspicion of felony DUI.

Police say the woman made an abrupt lane change between the Number 3 lane and the Number 4 lane when her GMC S-10 pickup struck the left rear corner of a 1995 Mercury Villager. The pickup truck reportedly careened off the roadway and ran head-on into a bridge abutment at Disneyland Drive. The pickup truck rolled over several times, rebounding back across the Santa Ana Freeway coming to a rest in the Number 1 lane, according to the CHP.

A 24-year-old woman in the Mercury Villager sustained injuries and was hospitalized. Police claim both people in the GMC pickup truck sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital. The 28-year-old male passenger in the GMC reportedly died at UC Irvine Medical Center at r 4:15 Sunday morning.

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Harrison allegedly was in an accident in which his brother Calvin, who is also an Olympic medalist, was injured. Another driver involved in the car accident reportedly also suffered injuries. Alvin Harrison is facing allegations of felony DUI after the car accident.

Harrison appeared in court and pled not guilty to felony DUI involving bodily injury, DUI while having .08 or more blood alcohol level and misdemeanor driving with a suspended or revoked license. He is being held on $50,000 bail. Police say the license suspension is not related to any prior DUI allegations. Harrison is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.

Police claim the star athlete was arrested on April, 7 after he allegedly rear-ended a Ford Expedition on state Highway 73. Police say Harrison was traveling at speeds of 80 to 85 mph before the crash. Law enforcement believes Harrison attempted to make a lane change and clipped the rear-end of a Ford Expedition. The Ford reportedly veered across two lanes before hitting the center divider and rolling over.


A 21-year-old Soquel area man was arrested Friday on a DUI charge that allegedly occurred in November. The 21-year-old had previously appeared in court in February related to the November 18 allegations. The man was undergoing physical therapy for injuries and was previously released with conditions. Law enforcement claims the 21-year-old violated his conditional release and arrested the man Friday.

Authorities claim the 21-year-old was found to have a bag of marijuana and an empty beer can in his room. The judge reportedly had ordered the 21-year-old to abstain from alcohol and drugs as part of his conditions of release at the February court appearance. Prosecutors argued Friday for bail to be set at $100,000 in the felony DUI case. The judge set bail Friday at $75,000. The 21-year-old reportedly posted bond Friday evening and was released from custody.

The current allegations arose related to an incident that allegedly occurred November 18, 2010. Police claim the 21-year-old lost control of his 1991 Toyota pickup truck and crashed into a tree. After the accident, the 21-year-old was charged with DUI. Prosecutors claim the man has a prior accident on his record where two people were killed.


An 18-year-old man from South San Francisco has been arrested and faces felony DUI charges related to an alleged fatal car accident on Saturday morning. The car accident reportedly occurred around 3:20 a.m. on highway 101 in Brisbane.

The 18-year-old reportedly had gone to a bowling alley and a private party with friends on Friday night. The group of teens reportedly had all been drinking before they got into a Toyota registered to the 18-year-old's mother. While traveling toward South San Francisco on Highway 101, the group of teens reportedly was talking about the music playing on the radio.

Traffic was snarled on 101 from an accident that had occurred earlier in the wee morning hours. The 18-year-old driver is believed to have looked up at the last second as the Toyota approached the traffic snarl. The 18-year-old reportedly attempted to avoid the traffic and swerved across two lanes. The Toyota allegedly slammed into the rear of another car on the highway.

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