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Law enforcement says the three men fled from the scene and disappeared into a nearby canyon. Police brought in dogs to search for the three men. The California Highway Patrol dispatched an airplane to provide air surveillance of the area. The massive manhunt apparently proved unsuccessful, and the search was called off by around 12:30 p.m.

Despite not being able to locate any of the alleged burglars, police claim they have suspects in mind. Law enforcement believes one of the men allegedly involved in the purported burglary is an East Palo Alto man. A second person that police think was involved is a San Carlos man who is on parole.

Authorities apparently found a car at, or near, the residence that they believe is linked to the alleged burglary. Law enforcement is relying on the presence of the car to support their suspicions on who may have been involved in the alleged incident.

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It certainly is common to see signs posted in stores proclaiming "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service," across the country. However, now law enforcement agencies in some California communities seem to be chiming in to create a new policy. The Los Angeles Police Department has reportedly proclaimed that consumers will be required to remove their hats and hoodies when entering stores.

Officials with the LAPD reportedly met with community leaders and officials in Studio City and North Hollywood last week to announce the new initiative aimed at reducing the number of thefts and robberies at area businesses.

LAPD officials claim that people attempting to steal from businesses often use hats and hoodies to shield their features from video surveillance and potential witnesses during alleged crimes. The California law enforcement officials cited what the Los Angeles Times characterized as a rash of recent jewelry heists, where hoodie-wearing men allegedly used the hoods on their sweatshirts to hide from security video.

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Prosecutors claim the woman stole money and a bracelet from Alex Trebek's hotel room while the TV host and his wife were sleeping. Trebek says he woke up in his hotel room and saw a woman rummaging through his belongings. The TV host says he chased the woman.

The woman now accused of breaking into the hotel room says she was not involved in the alleged burglary. The woman was visiting in the hotel and happened to be waiting at the elevator when a man approached her. She reportedly says Trebek approached her and asked if she had been in his room. She says she had not been in the room. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the woman ran because she feared police would become involved.

The woman reportedly was detained downstairs by hotel security. The woman was arrested on suspicion of burglary and is being held on $625,000 bond. Prosecutors say the woman has burglary convictions dating from 1990 and 1991, which prosecutors are considering relying on to seek a 25 to life sentence under the California three strikes law. A decision whether to pursue a three strikes sentence reportedly will be made after a preliminary hearing is held in the case.


Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department first arrived at the site of the alleged attempted break-in. The deputies called the El Monte Police Department. The five people were arrested around 11:30 a.m. Saturday on suspicion of commercial burglary.

Police say one the people taken into custody said there was a marijuana cultivation operation inside the warehouse. Police believe the group of five people knew of the operation and were specifically targeting the marijuana.

El Monte Police reportedly obtained a search warrant for the building. Law enforcement says they discovered roughly 3,000 pot plants growing inside the warehouse. The street value of the marijuana reportedly is about $1 million.


The 29-year-old homeowner looked outside and saw the stranded motorist lingering in the neighborhood in the early morning hours. The homeowner decided to confront the 20-year-old who the homeowner believed had committed the California burglary.

The homeowner reportedly grabbed an implement that police say may have been an ax before he ventured outside to confront the man he suspected was the burglar. When the homeowner approached the 20-year-old along the street sometime after 3:15 a.m., the 20-year-old reportedly fled. The homeowner allegedly chased after the 20-year-old for roughly a quarter mile. The homeowner is accused of attacking the 20-year-old.

After the incident, the homeowner returned home and called police around 4:30 a.m. Law enforcement arrived in the area and found the 20-year-old dead from trauma to his head. Police questioned the homeowner and later arrested him on suspicion of murder.

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