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Authorities say that a law enforcement investigation into a string of California burglaries led to a number of recent arrests on a variety of charges, including allegations of gang involvement. One man was arrested on attempted burglary and conspiracy charges. Three other men reportedly were later arrested on weapons charges with allegations of gang enhancements.

Apparently, Visalia police responded to a call reporting suspicious activity. Police say the report claimed four men were attempting to break in to a backyard in Visalia. Law enforcement claims a medical marijuana grow was located on the property. News reports do not suggest the marijuana grow was illegal under California law.

A parole agent reportedly was in the same area around the same time. The parole agent claims to have seen the men drive away from the Visalia property. The parole agent claims the men stopped, but fled when the parole agent confronted the four men.


Police say that an investigation into a string of alleged burglaries in Soledad led them to a location in south Monterey County. Officers from Soledad, Greenfield, King City and the Gonzales police departments converged to execute a search warrant Saturday at the location.

Law enforcement personnel seized a variety of items during the search, according to the Salinas Californian. Law enforcement claims they found roughly a pound of crystal methamphetamine, a small amount of cocaine and other prescription medications during the search. Police further claim the seized weapons, jewelry and stones police believe may be diamonds during the raid.

Police arrested two people after the search. A 25-year-old man police claim is a gang member and a 25-year-old woman police claim is a gang associate were taken into custody after the Saturday raid.


Police apparently were looking for a man suspected of running an indoor marijuana cultivation operation. When the man who was pulled from his home mentioned his wife, a CBS News contributor was upstairs in the home nursing the couple's 7-month-old child, officers apparently were slightly taken aback. The police apparently were relying on old information when they obtained a search warrant for the home. The man they were reportedly looking for had sold the home roughly three months earlier.

The police apparently were looking for a 43-year-old man who moved across the street into a rental property after selling the home. The newswoman says she is surprised law enforcement did not do "more of a background check" before seeking to execute a warrant at her home. Her husband says "I made it 44 years without having guns pointed at my face, and then all of a sudden having a whole bunch all at once."

Law enforcement apparently applied for a new warrant after the failed raid and arrested the man they were reportedly looking for at his home across the street. Law enforcement claims they seized guns during the second raid.


After the alleged confession, police apparently investigated the matter. Law enforcement reportedly asked the driver several follow up questions related to the alleged automobile theft crime. The driver apparently told law enforcement that he had stolen the 2000 Honda Civic from an apartment complex. Police say the man admitted using a screwdriver to bypass the ignition system.

Police say they could not have had reason to stop the driver on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle because the car had not been reported stolen. "The amazing thing was the owner had no idea her car was missing and had not reported it," pointed out the officer. "So there was no way the officers could have singled out the car as stolen in this case had it not been for [his] declaration."

Police say they later discovered that man had been arrested before, both for auto theft and receiving stolen property, and that he was already on probation for a previous grand theft auto conviction.


The man reportedly appeared in a Stockton court Wednesday, although prosecutors still had not filed formal charges. Sunday the man was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail and was held without bail on suspicion of a number of crimes, including murder, vehicle theft and evading police in relation to the Saturday night chase.

When police originally tried to detain the man for questioning related to the allegations of burglary, the man reportedly fled on foot. Police say he jumped a fence along Highway 99 and ran through the traffic lanes disrupting traffic. A motorcyclist, with a passenger aboard, grew distracted and reportedly crashed his bike. The passenger was thrown from the motorcycle and sustained severe head injuries. She later died at a Stanislaus County hospital.

Police claim a Good Samaritan tried to give the motorcyclists assistance and the Manteca man allegedly stole the Good Samaritan's car. Law enforcement says the Manteca man fled south and started a chase through Stanislaus County, crossed over into Merced County and back into Stanislaus. Police say they arrested the Manteca man later that night in Modesto. In all, police claim the man stole three separate vehicles during the Saturday night pursuit.

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