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Police arrested a man Wednesday in connection with allegations the man walked away from a San Francisco art gallery with a Picasso sketch, valued at roughly $275,000. The San Francisco District Attorney's Office reportedly has charged the man with several counts alleging California theft crime. The man faces charges of grand theft, receiving stolen property and second degree burglary.

Police claim the man walked into the Weinstein Gallery in San Francisco Tuesday. At around 11:40 a.m., police say the man wrestled a Picasso sketch from the wall and walked out of the gallery with the original artwork wrapped in paper.

The man reportedly hailed a Black and White Checker Cab and rode off, en route to the Palomar Hotel. Tuesday night San Francisco police seized a taxicab they believe the art theft suspect hailed after allegedly stealing the Picasso drawing, known as "Tête de femme." Police say the cab had a security video system. Law enforcement also interviewed the driver of the cab Tuesday night.


Prosecutors in Sacramento have filed 34 felony charges against a former Sacramento Police Officer for allegedly lying on police reports, in criminal court hearings and on driver's license suspension forms in DUI cases. In September, the District Attorney's Office dismissed 79 criminal cases in Sacramento County due to the false allegations of the police officer came to light. The current criminal charges filed against the former officer stem from 24 of the dismissed cases.

The majority of the dismissed cases involved charges brought against Californians for allegations of driving under the influence. In January 2010, the officer was placed on administrative leave after he was accused of brandishing a weapon while he was off duty. During the administrative leave, an attorney reviewed videotape of a DUI traffic stop that had been captured on the officer's squad car video camera. The footage reportedly showed different facts than those written in the officer's police report.

Reviews of other dash-cam footage showed additional discrepancies related to allegations of failed field sobriety tests that were not supported in the videotapes. Other discrepancies discovered through review of the videotapes show contradictions to what the officer wrote in police reports about witness statements and the demeanor of individuals under investigation.


The high court ruled Monday in an 8 to 1 decision that the police acted lawfully under exigent circumstances. The case arose in 2005 after law enforcement conducted an undercover sting operation. A person allegedly sold crack cocaine to a police informant. The suspect reportedly entered an apartment building after the alleged sale.

Police entered the building, but were unable to determine which apartment the suspect entered. They combed the halls of the apartment building until they say they smelled the odor of marijuana coming from one of the unit.

Police pounded on the door and announced their presence loudly. They then listened at the door. Police claim they heard people moving inside the locked apartment. The police announced their intent to enter the apartment and broke down the door.


In the cases that have already been dropped, individuals were charged with a variety of California crimes. The dropped charges range from grand theft to felony California drug charges.

Four videos have been released that appear to contradict details that officers wrote in police reports in a number of criminal cases. Officers reportedly also testified in court inconsistently with what appears in the videos. Two of the videos show plainclothes officers making illegal entries into rooms at a San Francisco residential hotel. A third video depicts plainclothes officers kicking in a hotel door. The hotel room reportedly was occupied by a disabled man.

A fourth video, released Monday, apparently obtained from security video recorded at the Henry Hotel shows a man wearing a black coat entering the hotel. Police reported they had seen the man enter the hotel wearing a white and tan jacket. Police seized a white and tan jacket in the hotel room. Police had claimed they discovered crack cocaine and marijuana in the light colored jacket. Later, police arrested the man.


Upon reports of an alleged violent, takeover style bank robbery, La Mesa police flooded a neighborhood in search of suspects. SWAT teams reportedly locked the neighborhood down. Police evacuated residents and searched homes. An officer saw a man allegedly fitting a description of the suspected California armed robbers.

The man was walking away from a car. The officer called for backup. The man reportedly began to run, fleeing behind an elementary school. The officer called out to the allegedly fleeing man, ordering him to stop. The police officer un-holstered his gun and fired shots toward the suspect. All of the rounds the officer fired missed the allegedly fleeing suspect.

The man jumped a fence and disappeared into the neighborhood.

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