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Law enforcement says that a Los Gatos, California doctor engaged in unlawful drug sales and illegally possessed controlled substances. Prosecutors are bringing 18 felony counts against the medical professional. The California drug crime allegations began after agents in Santa Clara County say that they noticed the doctor's name showed up in a number of police reports involving drug-related issues.

Agents apparently raided the doctor's home and claim that the residence contained methamphetamine, marijuana and ecstasy. Police also claim that the house was littered with foil and pens that officials concluded were linked to illicit drug use. Authorities also say that a marijuana grow room was located inside the house and pot was drying in the garage.

Authorities accuse the 61-year-old doctor of prescribing medications to people who have criminal drug histories. In addition, the doctor is accused of trading medications like OxyContin for methamphetamine or cash. Prosecutors further claim that the doctor gave minors methamphetamine and pot.


Issues over medical marijuana in California continue to make headlines. Reports over the conflict between California's state law governing medical marijuana and federal laws making pot unlawful per se are frequently in the news. Despite the number of years that California has recognized medpot, interpretation of the law remains a matter of dispute that Santa Cruz criminal defense lawyers continue to champion in court.

But what about more localized rules that tend to modify California marijuana laws? Take, for instance, the recent decision of the Sacramento City Council. The panel debated for roughly two hours Tuesday whether or not to allow outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana within Sacramento's city limits.

At the conclusion of the debate, the council reportedly voted 8-1 to have an ordinance drafted to prohibit outdoor grows, apparently regardless of whether or not the cultivation operation complies with California medical marijuana laws.


An anonymous tipster reportedly told an officer with the Mountain View Police that a Santa Clara elementary school principal was selling methamphetamine in San Jose and San Francisco. Law enforcement opened a probe into the educator.

An officer posed undercover on an online dating service last week and claims that the undercover cop and the school official arranged some sort of drug deal online, although the media reports that the conversation involved pretextual language to set up the alleged drug deal.

Police arrested the man in San Francisco Thursday at a location that police claim that the undercover officer set up on the online dating site to meet the school official. Authorities reportedly had also obtained a search warrant for the principal's home and car.


Deputies responded to the Mill Valley residence, but did not find the runaway girl. She reportedly returned home sometime after her father contacted authorities. Nonetheless, a 19-year-old and a 15-year-old were each arrested for alleged marijuana offenses after law enforcement went to looking for the alleged runaway Tiburon teen.

Authorities claim that five people were found in a car parked in the driveway of the Mill Valley residence. The people inside the parked car ranged from 15 to 25-years-old. Deputies say that the female teenager that they were looking for was not among the group inside the parked car. However, deputies assert that they smelled marijuana coming from the parked car and chose to search the car.

The deputies seized a number of items in the search. Officials say that more than an ounce of suspected pot was located in the car, along with a variety of paper and plastic sandwich bags, and a digital scale. Law enforcement concluded that the items must be drug related and arrested the 19-year-old Mill Valley man, and a 15-year-old Marin City boy.


Santa Cruz County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a woman who works as a drug counselor at a local Santa Cruz drug counseling center. The woman is facing serious drug charges after deputies raided her home last week.

Authorities claim that they found 6.7 grams of heroin in the Santa Cruz resident's home. Deputies also say that they seized cash and materials they are characterizing as packaging items in the raid.

Sheriff's Department officials claim that they fielded repeated complaints of alleged drug deals at the woman's Santa Cruz home. One neighbor claims that drug deals have been going on in the neighborhood for the past year, according to Central Coast News. That person says several neighbors had called in tips to the Anonymous Tip line about the alleged drug sales.

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